Believe in Me


Whenever the trials of life

Bring you down

And you feel you can't go on

I'll be there

If you should want me

I'd help you bear the weight you're feeling

Tell me all you have to say

I will hear you and I will listen

Call on me - I'll be ready

Believe in me - I'd do anything

When you're cold

Or when you're lonely

You can always count on me

Share your hopes and cares

Your dreams and anything your heart desires

Let me give you everything

All you ever wanted

Just make a wish - I will grant it

Believe in me - you shall have it

Trust in me to be there

Rely on me to understand

Believe in me to the end

There is only one thing you have to do:

"Believe in me" and you'll discover

That I believe in you too




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