don't give up


keep in mind that some things just happen,...

that's life

that's the way it goes - but no matter what

don't give up

even when everything that could go wrong

goes wrong

and when the bonds that seem unbreakable

are broken

somehow - someway - it just happens

no matter what you do or say

somethings never turn out the way you want them to

it's just this world trying to wear you down

and make you give it up

but don't give up

let them take their best shots

roll with their punches

but keep on standing tall

when your hopes and dreams

seem way out of reach

and the life you've planned

seems distant at the very least

sometimes - somedays - it just happens

no matter how confident you think you are

life is going to prove you wrong

trying to break you down to give it up

but don't give up

stand your ground

keep on hanging tough

stay ahead of the game

and never give up


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