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How We Met...

Shannon & Justin met for the very first time on Friday, June 4, 1999, at the "Coffee Shop" in Bowman, North Dakota.  The rehearsal dinner for Jodi & Wayne was in progress and since Shannon was a Bridesmaid,... she was there.  Justin arrived at about 7pm with his Aunt Julie after everyone else was finished eating.  Immediately upon arrival, Justin and Shannon made eye contact and Shannon offered her chair for him to sit and eat. Shortly after arrival, Uncle Doug introduced Julie and Justin to the other guests...  He DID make it a point to mention that Justin was still SINGLE!!!

[By this point I believe that Justin & Shannon had become "victims" of LOVE AT FIRST SITE.]

After the rehearsal dinner, it was off to the church for wedding rehearsal.  Once that was completed, Justin practiced the song he wrote and was to sing at the wedding.  Afterwards, Justin was trying to "play-it-cool" and fortunately for him, Shannon broke the ice and started talking to him.  Arrangements were made for the rest of the evenings activity and they went their separate ways.

A short while later, Justin arrived at the Trade Winds Motel - where the group had planned to meet to party and swim.  Justin was the first to arrive and got to talk to Shannon again.  Other people started arriving and the decision was made to head to the pool.  That's a whole 'nuther story in itself.

After swimming we changed clothes and Denise, Shannon and Justin decided to go drive around. We tried to go find the groom with no success and then we drove further to see where "The Doctor's" house was, but we couldn't find it...  we stopped at the baseball field and then ended up at the park swinging and going down the curly slide.  The moment Justin and Shannon knew FOR SURE that this was meant to be happened on that slide!

Early in the morning we went back to Shannon's hotel, talked some more and finally went to bed in our separate rooms.

So that was the FIRST day,... the next day (Jodi's Wedding) is also a whole 'nuther story!!


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