Only once in your life

you find someone

who can make


your dreams come true.

someone loyal, someone you can trust

someone who's honest

someone you can always count on

who'll always be there

when you need them.

Once in your life

you find that special person

who makes your life complete.

someone to talk to

and be with you forever

someone who listens

sharing all your dreams

and filling all your needs

someone who needs you

as much as you need them

and more.

Only once in your life

you'll discover that you love someone

with all your heart

that you cherish someone

so much

that you wonder what you

would ever do without them.

(Things just wouldn't be the same.)

Now, for once in your life

you finally realize

that this special person


made all your dreams come true.

And rest assured that you have made

all their dreams come true, too.


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