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The North Dakota
Statehood Quarter

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Unofficial Design Concept by JMG

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5/4/05: Here are other state quarters with images that represent specific individuals:

Caesar Rodney George Washington Wright Brothers Neil Armstrong or John Glenn
Abe Lincoln Helen Keller Lewis & Clark John Muir


4/27/05: Bismarck Tribune article about the three "official" ND quarter designs by AP writer Dale Wetzel.


4/22/05: I sent an email message to a few state legislators urging them to have the last line on Roger Maris's Teddy Roosevelt Roughrider Award plaque be removed in the spirit of SCR 4040PDF.  The sentence in question reads, "Maris held the major league home run record until 1998, when Mark McGwire of the St. Louis Cardinals broke it."


3/30/05: Received a transcript of an editorialPDF former Gov. Ed Schafer sent to National Pubic Radio about a year ago.  They may resend it since it was not broadcast by NPR originally.


3/29/05: Bismarck Tribune article about the reinstating Maris as home run leader by AP writer James Warden.


3/25/05: A concurrent resolution (Senate Concurrent Resolution 4040PDF) was introduced urging the Commissioner of Major League Baseball to reinstate Roger Maris as holder of the single-season major league baseball home run record. The resolution was referred to the Senate Education Committee and the hearing was held 3/28/05 where it received a "Do Pass" recommendation.  The resolution passed the Senate 45 yea to 0 nay on 3/31/05.


3/23/05: Official versions of designs created by the U.S. Mint have been released.  Vote for your favorite design just for fun (this is not a scientific or official state poll):

Official Design 1

Official Design 2
  Notice any similarities between "Official Design #3", and the Buffalo Nickel and Kansas Quarter designs below?

2005 Buffalo Nickel design:


Official Design 3

Roger Maris Quarter

Compare to other State's designs before voting:
Wisconsin            Iowa               Kansas         Minnesota 

3/3/05: Visited the Fargo, North Dakota gravesite of the late, great Roger Maris (photo).  See also "A Short History of the Single-Season Home Run Record."


3/2/05: The Hall of Fame Veteran's Committee once again decided not to elect Roger Maris to the Hall of Fame.  Sixty votes were necessary for election, but Mr. Maris only garnered nineteen.


2/18/05: Letter sent to Governor HoevenPDF.  Letters were also sent to 52 mayors across the state, one in each county, in the hopes of demonstrating state-wide support for a Roger Maris themed quarter.  No further action is planned, the fate of the "Maris Quarter" is in the hands of our Honorable Governor John Hoeven (600 E. Boulevard Ave, Bismarck, ND 58505-0001, Phone: 701.328.2200, Fax: 701.328.2205, E-mail:


2/17/05: Visit and look in the 2006 area to view proposed quarter designs for ND.  An image of the Roger Maris quarter is shown as an "Early Proposed Design"!   You may also check out other states' proposed designs, how they will be chosen and how they seek public comments and even actual votes before a final design is selected. 


Also on this day, an open-letter was sent to State Representative Nancy Johnson (Dist. 37 - Dickinson) via email.  Read a response from Rep. William Devlin, received by email on 2/18/05.


2/16/05: The resolution urging the consideration of legendary ND hero Roger Maris for our state quarter got voted down in the House of Representatives 37 to 53 at 1:45 p.m.; thanks mainly to opposition debate presented by Rep. Nancy Johnson (a member of the Quarter Selection Committee, of course) and Rep. William Devlin.  Rep. Maragos and Rep. Kretschmar spoke in favor of the resolution.  The resolution would've needed 48 votes to continue on to the State Senate:

37 YEAS: Aarsvold; Amerman; Boe; Boucher; Brandenburg; Brusegaard; Carlisle; Carlson; Damschen; Delmore; Dosch; Ekstrom; Gulleson; Hawken; Headland; Hunskor; Kaldor; Kelsh, S.; Kerzman; Koppelman; Kretschmar; Kroeber; Maragos; Martinson; Meier, L.; Meyer, S.; Onstad; Porter; Sandvig; Solberg; Thoreson; Wald; Wall; Wieland; Williams; Wrangham; Zaiser (20 Republican and 17 Democrat)


53 NAYS: Bellew; Belter; Berg; Boehning; Charging; Clark; Conrad; DeKrey; Delzer; Devlin; Drovdal; Froelich; Froseth; Galvin; Glassheim; Grande; Haas; Herbel; Horter; Iverson; Johnson, D.; Johnson, N.; Kasper; Keiser; Kelsch, R.; Kempenich; Kingsbury; Klemin; Kreidt; Metcalf; Monson; Mueller; Nelson; Norland; Nottestad; Owens; Pietsch; Pollert; Potter; Price; Rennerfeldt; Ruby; Schmidt; Sitte; Skarphol; Svedjan; Thorpe; Timm; Uglem; Vigesaa; Weiler; Weisz; Speaker Klein (44 Republican and 9 Democrat)


4 ABSENT AND NOT VOTING: Bernstein; Dietrich (would have voted "yea"); Hanson; Nicholas

2/14/05: Contact all members of the North Dakota House of Representatives and urge them to vote in favor of HCR 3015 by sending email to  This is a re-mailing service that will forward your message to all 94 state representatives at one time.


2/11/05: The House Committee on Political Subdivisions heard testimony on House Concurrent Resolution No. 3015PDF (regarding the "Maris Quarter" design) on Friday, February 11th at 9:00 a.m. CST.  Those testifying in favor of the resolution include --Click the person's name to read their testimony-- Jim McLaughlinPDF (Curator of the Roger Maris Museum), Kevin CarvellPDF (a nephew of Roger and Pat Maris) and Justin GriffinPDF


On this day, the committee voted 7-5 in favor of a "DO PASS" recommendation, so the resolution will be placed on the calendar and soon go to a full vote on the House floor.


2/05/05: Reply letter sent to United States Mint Acting Assistant Director of Special Products & Programs, April StaffordPDF.  Carbon-copies provided to U.S. Senators Dorgan & Conrad and Congressman Pomeroy.  This reply was sent in response to a letterPDF I received from Ms. Stafford on January 20, 2005.


1/30/05: James L. Ogle Sr., who wrote two books with Roger Maris during a reporting career that spanned five decades, died at age 93.  He and Maris collaborated on “Roger Maris at Bat,” a homer-by-homer account of the 1961 season in which Maris broke Babe Ruth's record for home runs in a season, and a novel for young readers, “Slugger in Right,” based on Maris' life.


1/24/05: A concurrent resolution (House Concurrent Resolution No. 3015PDF) was introduced recognizing Roger Maris on his major league baseball career and urging Governor Hoeven and the North Dakota Quarter Design Selection Process Commission to reconsider and submit an additional narrative design theme, “Roger Maris”, to the United States Department of the Treasury through the United States Mint.  The resolution was referred to the Political Subdivisions Committee on 1/26/05.


The committee includes representatives William R. Devlin, Gil Herbel, Donald D. Dietrich, Mary Ekstrom, Nancy Johnson, Lee Kaldor, Kim Koppelman, William E. Kretschmar, Andrew G. Maragos, Vonnie Pietsch, Dwight Wrangham and Steven L. Zaiser.


1/20/05: Former Governor Ed Schafer has arranged for the N.D. Secretary of State, Al Jaeger, to forward an enrolled copy of the "Roger Maris Hall of Fame Resolution" (HCR3006PDF) to U.S. Senator Conrad's office once it becomes available.  Sen. Conrad's Chief of Staff, Bob Van Heuvelen, will distribute the resolution to the proper folks at the Hall of Fame.  It was also suggested that Gov. Hoeven endorse the resolution as well, but it is not known for sure if he will do so.


Due to the diligence of Fran Gronberg, the Assistant Chief Clerk of the House, the required signatures were obtained and delivered to the Secretary Jaeger.  A cover letter from Sec. Jaeger and four copies of the resolution were sent a by FedEx to the Baseball Hall of Fame.  Four copies were also provided to Senator Conrad's Bismarck office.  These four will be delivered to Conrad's office in D.C. to be forwarded to the proper folks at the Hall of Fame.  We'll see what happens.


1/18/05: A draft resolution urging Governor Hoeven and the North Dakota Quarter Design Selection Process Commission to reconsider and submit an additional narrative design theme, “Roger Maris”, to the United States Department of the Treasury through the United States Mint under the 50 States Commemorative Coin Program Act was emailed to Rep. Martinson and Sen. Mathern.  The suggested resolution was passed on to the Legislative Council by Rep. Martinson for official drafting.


1/11/05: Letter received from Senator Byron DorganPDF stating that he has contacted Treasury Secretary Snow as requested to allow North Dakota to submit an additional narrative theme for the state quarter.


1/10/05: A concurrent resolution (House Concurrent Resolution No. 3006PDF) recognizing Roger Maris on his major league baseball career and urging the Committee on Baseball Veterans of the Baseball Hall of Fame to elect Roger Maris to the Baseball Hall of Fame was introduced before the 59th Legislative Assembly of North Dakota.  The resolution was approved by the House on 1/12/05 and approved by the Senate without changes on 1/17/05.


12/21/04: USA Today reports more than four-fifths (80%) of sports fans believe records set by athletes using steroids should be either eliminated or kept with a notation; and less than a quarter of them believe Barry Bonds didn't know he was using steroids.  In addition, its no secret that Mark McGwire used Androstenedione ("Andro") during his career, although it was not banned by MLB.  Hypothetically speaking: What if Sammy Sosa also used performance enhancing drugs or a corked bat during his 63 and 64 homerun seasons??  Would that mean Roger Maris's 61 in 1961 still stands as the single season record?... Something to think about!


12/10/04: Pat Maris, widow of the late great homerun champion, backs the idea to try to honor Mr. Maris by featuring his likeness on the N.D. Quarter.  This information was provided by Kevin Carvell, a nephew of Roger & Pat Maris.  Another Maris family member (on Mrs. Maris' side) sent me a Christmas card.


12/6/04: Roger Maris is included along with 24 other former major league players on the 2005 Veterans Committee Hall of Fame ballot. The vote occurs in January, with the results announced on March 2, 2005.  Visit the Hall of Fame website for more information.  Fans wishing to voice their opinion in support of Roger Maris may do so by sending a letter to:


          Hall of Fame Veterans Committee                                    ---> Click here to print a prepared letterPDF
          Post Office Box 590                                                           or
          Cooperstown, NY 13326                                                   ---> Contact the Veterans Committee by e-mail


11/29/04: Letter sent to United States Treasury Secretary John SnowPDF.  Carbon-copies provided to U.S. Senators Dorgan & Conrad, Congressman Pomeroy, Governor Hoeven and President Bush urging them to also contact Secretary Snow to allow N.D. to submit the "Roger Maris" theme to the U.S. Mint through Legislative initiative.  A responsePDF was received January 20, 2005.


11/26/04: It is decided to contact the U.S. Treasury Secretary for permission to submit the "Maris Quarter" idea.  In addition it will be necessary to contact Governor Hoeven to convince him of the merit of this idea since it is ultimately his decision.  Sen. Mathern suggested that we have Fargo Bishop Aquila contact Gov. Hoeven.


11/25/04: I discovered that California plans to honor conservationist John Muir on their quarter due out in early 2005.  This is another example of a state honoring an individual, however there is also a drive in Calif. to change this design to the one more popular among state voters.  The popular design features a gold miner instead of the Sierra Club's first president, John Muir.


11/23/04: N.D. Legislative Council Code Reviewer, John Walstad states via email, "It appears that the decision on the N.D. quarter design will be beyond the point of influence by the time the legislature convenes... It appears a resolution to the Mint would have no effect..."


11/22/04: Contacted by former N.D. Governor, Ed Schafer who said, "I like your idea of having Roger Maris on the State Quarter.  It would be great to give some attention to both Maris and N.D."


11/9/04: An idea to draft a resolution to support the "Maris Quarter" idea and propose it to the state's 59th Legislative Assembly is conceived.  Rep. Bob Martinson and Sen. Tim Mathern would co-sponsor the proposal.  John Walstad and John Bjornson of the State Legislative Council where contacted to research and draft the resolution.


10/05/04: Response received from Tim Mathern (D-Fargo) and Bob Martinson (R-Bismarck) in support of the idea.  Representative Martinson forwarded a copy of my original message to Governor Ed Schafer.


10/1/04: Email message sent to all state legislators urging support of the "Maris Quarter" idea.   The actual design narratives submitted to the mint by the Commission are listed below:

  • Agriculture – “Agriculture remains the predominant industry in the state. Agriculture also shapes our landscape, from the bountiful fields of golden wheat to the vibrant yellow of a field of sunflowers to the serene beauty of cattle grazing on sweeping hills behind the fields, all under our open sky.”

  • Landscape – “If there is a common element to these landscapes, it is the vast openness accentuated by immense clouds and dazzling sunshine, so the design could feature the sun breaking through towering clouds over a landscape. Against the vast scale of this landscape are set geometric designs of growing crops and fields, majestic rivers and migrating waterfowl.”

  • Badlands – “The common image is of a sunset with the horizon outlined by rugged buttes and canyons, grasslands and buffalo as they graze the steep, striped Badlands terrain.”

9/29/04: Letter #2 sent to Lt. Governor DalrymplePDF -- No written response received.


9/29/04: I received a call from Lt. Governor Jack Dalrymple.    We talked for about 20 minutes discussing the Commission's plans not to include the Roger Maris concept in the designs submitted to the U.S. Mint.  Due to legal restrictions, state's are not allowed to send in actual sample designs to the commission -- only narrative concepts.   According to Mr. Dalrymple, the Commission submitted three narratives which emphasize "open space, rugged terrain, wildlife and agriculture."  They chose not develop a narrative for the Maris Quarter.  My response to this is presented in letter 'Dalrymple #2' above.


9/27/04: Letter #1 sent to Lt. Governor DalrymplePDF -- No written response received.


9/23/04: Received a letter from U.S. Senator Byron Dorgan which states, in part, "I appreciate you sharing with me your design idea to have the likeness of Roger Maris on the N.D. quarter... I will be following it closely to ensure that N.D.'s heritage is accurately represented."


9/20/04: Letter sent to Governor HoevenPDF -- No written response received.


9/8/04: Associated Press (AP) releases article about the "Maris Quarter" idea nationwide.


9/2/04: Bismarck Tribune article about the "Maris Quarter" idea by Lauren Donovan.


9/2/04: Second interview with KFGO-AM in Fargo (interviewed by Don Haney).


9/1/04: Received a letter from U.S. Senator Kent Conrad which states, in part, "Roger Maris is symbolic of the talent that N.D. has produced and I share your respect for the baseball legend."


9/1/04: Radio interview with KFYR-AM in Bismarck (interviewed by Phil Parker & Jason Hulm).


8/30/04: Contacted Roger's nephew Bart Maris through the Roger Maris Official Website.  He supports the idea.  Also contacted Roger's nieces and nephews on Pat (Carvell) Maris's side of the family.  They also support the idea.


8/30/04: First radio interview with KFGO-AM in Fargo to discuss the "Maris Quarter" idea (interviewed by Jack Sunday).


8/29/04: Contacted by USA TODAY Sportswriter Mel Antonen who said, "We would be interested in doing a story on this if the movement picks up steam."


7/1/04: Deadline for public design concept submission to the state commission.


6/14/04: My concept for a design to honor baseball legend and North Dakota native Roger Maris is submitted to the state commission using their Design Recommendation FormPDF.


6/1/04: The idea to honor baseball legend and North Dakota hero Roger Maris by placing the image of Mr. Maris slugging his 61st homerun on the commemorative state quarter is conceived.  The design is based on an engraving on Mr. Maris's tombstone as well as the logo used for the Roger Maris Celebrity Golf Tournament.  The idea to feature Mr. Maris on the State Quarter is especially important because he has not been inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.


4/7/04: Governor Hoeven issues Executive Order 2004-04PDF for creation of the North Dakota Quarter Design Selection Process Commission.


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