Justin McLean Griffin, P.E.

411 Sunset Place, Bismarck, ND 58504

701.255.9007 ! jgriffin@state.nd.us


OBJECTIVE:        To extend and employ my education and training in the challenging field of radioactive material management, radiation safety and chemical/environmental engineering as they apply to public safety and homeland security.



WORK                                   North Dakota Department of Health (Air Quality Division)                                                                        Current Job

EXPERIENCE:                      Environmental Engineer II - Radiation Control Program                                                                             701.328.5188

                                                § Review and evaluate applications for possession and use of all radioactive material in North Dakota (ND).

                                                § Prepare, amend, and evaluate specific licenses for the use of radioactive material in ND.

                                                § Conduct detailed safety inspections of facilities where radioactive material is used and/or stored.

§ Advance the importance of security of radioactive material by providing information and inspecting for compliance.

§ Determine licensee compliance with the ND Radiological Health Rules and related federal regulations.

                                                § Review, edit, revise and promulgate state administrative code to maintain compliance with federal regulations.

                                                § Ensure good radiation safety practices are followed; and that public and environmental risk is minimized.

                                                § Investigate and resolve radiological incidents and allegations involving improper use of radioactive material.

                                                § Provide basic radiation safety training or informational presentations to interested parties and the general public.

§ Prepare for, respond to, and provide technical guidance for radiological emergencies occurring within the state.

                                                § Develop and maintain program website; and generate public information fact sheets and licensee newsletter.


                                             Sykes Enterprises Incorporated, Bismarck, North Dakota                                                                            Dec 1996-Nov 1997

                                                Computer Support Engineer- Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications/Excel Section                                  701.221.0700

                                                § Provide remote support for Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and Excel customers.

                                                § Focus on identifying, understanding, and meeting customer needs through VBA programming.

                                                § Provide examples of VBA program code and work to debug user’s existing program code.

                                                § Teach customers how to use existing resources to find the help topics they need.


                                                Reynolds Electrical & Engineering Co., Inc., Las Vegas, Nevada                                                              Summers 1993-1995

                                                Scientific and Engineering Intern - Waste Operations Department - Radioactive Waste Section

                                                § Worked with radioactive waste management specialists and performed waste receipt/disposal duties.

                                                § Evaluated waste package integrity and ensured proper documentation of transport and disposal information.

                                                § Verified waste conformity to NVO-325 (Nevada Waste Acceptance Criteria).

                                                § Created charts and graphs showing waste received and expenditures by week and month.

                                                § Logged package disposal location information.

                                                § Responsible for quality assurance of all information collected and used.

                                                § Presented safety related information to section during weekly safety meeting.

                                                § Responsible for escorting visitors into radiologically controlled areas at Area 5 of the Nevada Test Site.

                                                § Developed action reports and billing statements.


EDUCATION:                       South Dakota School of Mines & Technology (SDSM&T), Rapid City, South Dakota             Aug 1993-May 1996

                                                Bachelor of Science Degree: Chemical Engineering (ChE)                                                                  Graduated May 1996

                                                GPA:  3.17 / 4.00 (3.38 / 4.00 during last six semesters)


                                                North Dakota State University (NDSU), Fargo, North Dakota                                                      Aug 1991-May 1993

                                                Major:  General Engineering – Transferred May 1993


                                                Mott Public High School (MHS), Mott, North Dakota                                                                  Graduated May 1991

                                                GPA:  3.52 / 4.00 (Honor Student)


ADD’L TRAINING:              See Below (Includes On-Line Courses in Health Physics through Lakeshore Technical College in Wisconsin)


COMPUTER                         ? Knowledgeable and familiar with computers using MS-Windows (Win95, 98, NT, ME, 2000 and XP), and Apple

PROFICIENCY:                      Computers running ANY version of MS-Office (Including Office 97, 2000 and XP), and WordPerfect Suite 8.0+.

                                                ? Capable of designing web pages and programming HTML and Visual Basic for Applications.

                                                ? Able to provide technical support for a wide range of computer hardware and software problems.


HONORS, AWARDS           ? N.D. Professional Engineering (PE) Registration, 2002       ? National Mutual Benefit Branch 84 President, 2002-2004

and ACTIVITIES: ? S.D. Engineer-In-Training (EIT/FE) Certification, 1996      ? Member of the Order of the Engineer, 1996

                                                ? Tau Beta Pi Nat’l Engineering Honor Society, 1996           ? SDSM&T Dean’s List, Fall 1995 & Spring 1996

                                                ? Senior Class Representative to AIChE, 1995-1996             ? Dow Chemical ChE Scholarship, 1995-1996

                                                ? AIChE Member, 1993 to 2004                                            ? 3M ChE Scholarship, 1994-1995

                                                ? Mott Jaycee’s Scholarship, 1991                                        ? North Dakota Boys’ State Representative, 1990


                                                ? Additional interests include softball, basketball, piano, composing, writing, sketching, painting and reading.


References and transcripts are available upon request.







?          TBD



?          Emergency Preparedness Training by Tony Rich of the National Fire Academy – 8 hours

?          Applied Health Physics through Lakeshore Technical College (LTC) – 2 credit hours

?          Applied Health Physics Laboratory through LTC – 2 credit hours

?          Radiological Emergencies through LTC – 2 credit hours

?          N.D. Dept. of Health (NDDH) sponsored “Terrorism Informational Session” featuring Steven Hightower from Texas A&M – 3 hours

?          Department of Energy’s (DOE) Modular Emergency Response Radiological Transportation Training (MERRTT) Train-the-Trainer – 16 hours

?          Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Teletherapy and Brachytherapy Course – 40 hours

?          Nuclear Systems and Sources through LTC – 3 credit hours

?          Radiation Biology through LTC – 3 credit hours

?          Radiation Physics through LTC – 3 credit hours

?          Radiation Physics Laboratory through LTC – 3 credit hours

?          HIPAA Refresher and Security Training by NDDH – 1 hour



?          Health Physics Calculations through LTC – 3 credit hours

?          Nuclear Technology and Regulations through LTC – 2 credit hours

?          Radioactive Material and Management through LTC – 2 credit hours

?          HIPAA Awareness Training by NDDH – 1 hour

?          U.S. Dept. of Transportation (DOT) Hazmat Transportation Security Awareness Training Update (CD-ROM) – 1 hour

?          U.S. DOT Hazmat Transportation Training by University of North Dakota – 2 hours

?          Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Radiation Safety: “Advanced for Environmental Professionals” – 8 hours



?          Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) Hazardous Waste Site Personnel Refresher – 8 hours

?          “Principle and Practices of Environmental Engineering” Exam Review (Self Study) – 200+ hours

?          “Radiation Safety and Common Sense” (Video Self Study) – 30 minutes

?          “Safety First: Transport of Radioactive Material” (Video Self Study) – 30 minutes

?          North Dakota Safety Council Defensive Driver Course – 4 hours

?          Radiation Monitoring Devices (RMD, Inc.) LPA-1 XRF Gauge User Radiation Safety Course – 8 hours



?          Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Radiological Emergency Response Operations (RERO) – 40 hours

?          National Fire Academy Emergency Response to Terrorism Course SS-534 – Independent Study



?          FEMA Radiological Emergency Response Course IS-301 – Independent Study

?          FEMA Radiological Emergency Management Course IS-003 – Independent Study

?          FEMA Hazardous Materials – A Citizen’s Orientation Course IS-005 – Independent Study

?          DOT Hazardous Material Transportation Safety by North Dakota Safety Council – 4 hours

?          Radiation Safety for Nuclear Gauges provided by the University of North Dakota – 4 hours

?          Trouble-shooting, Fixing and Upgrading PC’s – 16 hours



?          NRC Safety Aspects of Industrial Radiography – 40 hours

?          NRC Safety Aspects of Well Logging – 40 hours

?          NRC Diagnostic & Therapeutic Nuclear Medicine – 40 hours

?          Proctor Training for Texas Industrial Radiographer Exam by Jan Endahl of Texas Bureau of Radiation – 2 hours

?          OSHA Hazardous Waste Site Personnel Refresher – 8 hours



?          NRC Transportation of Radioactive Material – 40 hours

?          NRC Licensing Practices & Procedures – 40 hours

?          NRC Inspection Procedures – 40 hours

?          Troxler Nuclear Gauge Safety by Troxler Electronics Laboratory – 8 hours

?          OSHA Hazardous Waste Site Personnel Refresher – 8 hours

?          Laboratory Use of Radioactive Material provided by North Dakota State University – 4 hours



?          Selected Topics in Radiological Engineering provided by Louisiana State University – 40 hours

?          Texas Nuclear Level Gauge Instrumentation by TN Technologies (now known as Thermo MeasureTech) – 4 hours



?          U.S. DOE Radiological Worker II by Reynolds Electrical & Engineering Co., Inc. (REECo) – 40 hours (1995)

?          U.S. DOT Hazard Communication Modules 1-5 by REECo (1995)

?          U.S. OSHA Hazardous Waste Site Personnel Training by REECo – 40 hours (1995)

?          Emergency Medical Technician training by Mott Ambulance Squad and CPR Certification in 1991 (Certification Expired 1993)

?          North Dakota Boys’ State Emergency Response Exercise (1990)