How else can we explain it? Something that feels
so right only happens once in a lifetime.

I think about you all the time; each thought
accompanied by an incredible
woozy feeling.

Its such a good feeling! I love it!
I never want it to end. It will never end.


We met June 4, 1999!!

We danced all night the next night, I couldnt take my eyes off of you. I wanted to be with you so much.

It was obvious to everyone, it was obvious to us. We knew right away that this was a VERY good thing, and that it was only the beginning. We have our whole lives! Our whole lives to spend with each other.

I'll do everything to make you happy, to make you smile. You mean so much to me! I cannot imagine myself without you; you complete me,...

Everything I am, everything I want to be depends on you.
I never want this wonderful feeling to end.
I will to love you forever, and forever is a long, long time.



I just can't hold you close enough!


December 24, 2000, in Casper, Wyoming



August 3, 2002, in Casper, Wyoming


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