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Waiting For You
You say you just can't see me now,
But I just can't change my dream.
And I know someday you will need me.
So for now,
I dream all alone,
I am dreaming and just waiting for you.

If you need me,
I'll be ready,
Call me and I will come straight to you.
Sometime, Someday
You will feel that you will need me
Just wait and see.

I know you just need time.
I'll wait,
But don't take too long.
Someday you'll be wanting me.
But until that day
I'm waiting because I love you.

I will wait for you.

If You Knew
I wish you knew more about my life.
If you knew the man I am,
Then you would love me too.
I pray for someday when you will see
I could help you reach all your dreams.

And if you knew what I feel inside,
You would see the man I am.
My heart is full of love.
I wait for the day when you will see
You would make all my dreams come true.

(Instrumental Break)

It might take time for you to know me,
But I will wait for you.
And if you knew,
You'd love me too.
If you knew.

(No Words!)


All Words & Music by: Justin M. Griffin

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